Your daily routine, whether intentional or frenzied, influences performance, stress levels, sleep patterns, and overall mental well-being. The absence of a routine is often associated with feeling like you’re constantly running out of time to get things done, poor physical well-being, procrastination, and feeling anxious throughout the day. Many successful athletes, artists, actors, billionaires, and political figures credit a part of their success to maintaining a daily routine. Routines create stability in our lives and ultimately is a meaningful way to use our time each day. The power of routines is often hidden in the misconception that routines are dull. Routines can indeed be fun and creative! Let’s dive more into the positive impact of creating a daily routine.

  • Morning routines set the tone for how we begin and end our day. Try setting your alarm 30 minutes to an hour earlier thus allowing time to cater to yourself. We fulfill many roles throughout the day therefore we must fill our own cup first. Rather than start the day in a frenzy, try starting the day with the following: a favorite song, a cup of tea/coffee at home, journaling, identifying things you are grateful for.  
  • The routine we set at night is just as important as how we begin our day. We are likely to experience issues within our sleep pattern when we go to bed with a mind full of tasks we did not achieve. Instead, before going to bed try identifying things you successfully accomplished during the day or write down the tasks that are on your to-do list for the next day so that you go to bed with a clear mind. Additionally, cutting back on technology screen time at least an hour before bed will assist the brain in winding down and releasing the melatonin needed for a good night’s rest. 

Routines have the ability to contribute to a life lived with intentionality. It can become easy to fall into the habit of routines that damage our mental and physical wellbeing. However, it is never too late to begin creating a new daily routine that supports a healthy lifestyle. Most of us are faced daily with a long to-do list that it is not uncommon for someone to forget to check in with themselves. Routines promote positive self-care habits, self-discipline, and allow us to ensure we complete the things that are important to us. As you create your routines, this is a gentle reminder to intentionally set aside time for your mental wellness. You deserve to make time for yourself. 

-Shakyra King